Volunteering is a great way to experience Shift/Enter!

We are particularly looking for volunteers for the following tasks on August 10th:

Technical Skill Set:

  • Review Resumes:
    • The Resume Clinic is intended to be a one-on-one quick resume review. Candidates will bring a printed copy of their resume and talk with a resume specialist for approximately 25 minutes on ways to improve their resume. If you’ve got experience reviewing resumes and are willing to help, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Mock Interviewer:
    • We’re looking for experienced interviewers to help with this, too! Mock interviews are expected to take about 25 minutes each. We recommend that you interview for 15-20 minutes and give feedback for 5-10. This gives each station approximately 5-minute breaks between candidates. Timekeepers will give you a 10 minute and a 5-minute warning. There is a morning block and an afternoon block – sign up for either, or both!


General Skill Set:

  • Setup:
    • Arrive early to help arrange chairs, put up signs, and assist with other related tasks.
  • Registration/Ticketing:
    • Check tickets and sign in participants.
  • Timekeeping:
    • We’ll need timekeeping volunteers to help keep the mock interviews running on time all day long. Shifts are flexible, but we’re thinking it’d be good to have two folks at this spot at any time. Facilitators would need to be warned with 10, 5, and 0 minutes left in a block.
  • Whiteboard watcher:
    • We’ll have ‘work at your own’ pace whiteboarding in one area. We’d like someone to help keep an eye on this space, clean whiteboards, and sort problem slips.
  • Food:
    • We’ll be providing lunch and coffee at various points throughout the day, so we’ll need some help feeding people. You will feel very appreciated, we’re sure.
  • Clean up:
    • Stay a little late to help us leave the venue as we found it!
  • General Volunteer Schedule


Want to help out in some other way? Contact us or join us in the #shift-enter channel in C-ville Slack.

All volunteers will receive free access to the event.

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If you know how you want to volunteer, you can sign up for open shifts on these schedules, please be aware that we might need to adjust these schedules closer to the event but will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

General Volunteer Schedule
Technical Volunteer Schedule

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